Her self help parenting book Parenting: If It’s Hard, You’re Doing it Right! Raising Kids with Communication, Empathy and Accountability not only gives an overview of each stage of childhood, but helps parents learn skills to communicate, encourage, develop relationships and self-examine during their parenting journey. The prevention curriculum used to address abusive behaviors in children and teens. It is used to help parents identify and respond to concerning and high risk behaviors to reduce them before their child crosses any boundaries that may lead to serious consequences.



     Are you struggling with your child's behavior?

     Do behaviors seem to worsen, then get better, then get worse again?

     Do you struggle with communicating with your child?

     Do you want a better relationship with your child?

     Has your child or teen gotten into trouble and you don't know how to address it?


Parenting: If It's Hard You're Doing it Right! can help all parents with addressing and preventing behaviors that are abusive to others including abuse to self, property and others. To purchase, click below. 




      "Amazingly helpful book for all parents!" Julie M.


      "This book gives solid, easy to understand advice for parenting at every stage. The author doesn't shy away from difficult      topics and helps parents face these situations with confidence and grace."  Stephen R. 


This is the workbook I have blogged about and can purchased through Amazon! It is meant to be used with therapy and an informed caregiver to address abusive behaviors in children and teens. Feel free to reach out to me with questions! 

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