Alice Riley, LCSW
Alice Riley, LCSW 

Art and Play therapist in Adams County

"Alice has a way of staying calm and explaining things really calmly even when things are stressful.

She is a true healer." 


Dr. Memhet Oz

Creative approach specialization

Although I have not made art my career, it has always been central to my life. When I went to college, I became more focused on academics and studied psychology, which led me to a career in counseling. 


Whether you prefer to talk it out, draw it out or play (usually the kids like this one), I can help you express yourself! There is healing after pain, there are new skills to acquire to be in a relationship with others, there are problems to work out. There are healthy ways to return to a state of regulation and grow in your resilience. Having someone to guide you through this can lead to a fuller, healthier life than you ever thought possible.